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10 Deadly Sins of Natural Hair Care

By October 6, 2014hair + beauty



For the newly, and even sometimes seasoned natural, natural hair care is the 8th wonder of the world. What works for one natural may not work for another, no two textures are the same, and what worked yesterday, may not work at all today. We get it, learning how to properly care for your natural hair is not always easy, especially for those of us who grew up getting their scalp greased, and hair detangled with a small tooth comb. Luckily, it does get easier, the more research, trial and error, and time that goes by, the more knowledgeable, you will become on caring for your natural hair. Here are ten mistakes not to make along the way.

1. Not washing hair


Unfortunately, for some reason there is a huge myth that dirty hair grows faster. This is 110% percent incorrect. The only truth I can say is in this, is that if every time someone washes their hair, they use heat or sulfate shampoos, which cause breakage and heat damage to the hair, it appeared that is not growing, when in reality the hair is breaking. Excess dirt oil, and product built up on the scalp will block healthy growth. The scalp should be kept clean, to promote healthy hair growth.

2. Greasing the scalp


Again, another old wives tale. Greasing the scalp can cause dandruff, as well as clog the pores. Your scalp has natural oils, which are enough to keep it well moisturized. If you feel your scalp is excessively dry, use only sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, such as TGIN’s shampoo and conditioner. In addition to that, if you absolutely have to put something on your scalp, use natural or light oils such as jojoba oil, grape seed oil, which has anti bacterial properties, pure unrefined coconut oil, etc. These oils are great for the hair and skin, and won’t clog pores. Avoid products with petroleum, which can be pore clogging.


3. Too much tension


Often times naturals braid their hair, or wear it in buns for protective styling. When braids or buns are too tight, it causes tension in the scalp, which can cause headaches, breakouts and breakage around the hair line. If you decide to wear these protective styles, be sure that it is not exceedingly tight.


4. Over Conditioning 


Do You Really Need To Grease Your Scalp










Conditioning is great for all hair types, but extremely important for curly girls. Be sure that when you are conditioning your hair, with actual conditioner or protein treatments you aren’t  leaving it in for too long. Wash out hair conditioner should not be left in over night as it can over condition the hair until it becomes weak. It’s perfectly fine to leave conditioner in for an hour or two, but you shouldn’t  be sleeping with wash out conditioner in your hair.


5. Improper detangling


Sometimes detangling can be extremely frustrating, it can take hours, and you are just ready to get it over with. You should never rush a detangle. If you don’t have time to properly detangle, wait until you do. Never ever, ever, use a small toothed comb to detangle your hair. It is best to detangle your hair during the washing process, when your hair has conditioner or deep conditioner in it, and always start from the bottom, as to not cause any more tangles or snags.


6. Too much product

When you find a hair product that works great for you it is a wonderful feeling, similar to being able to eat donuts at the morning meeting, and not gain five pounds afterwards! However, when you find several products that work for your hair, it is an even more amazing feeling. What you shouldn’t do is add numerous products to your hair at the same time. Too much product, can lead to product buildup, nasty white residue, as well as the products not working properly with each other. Give your hair a break, there is no need to weigh down your hair with products, instead find a good leave in or two that work well together and leave it at that.



7. Heat training


Number one, there is no such thing as heat training. The more heat you apply to your hair, the more your curl will loosen, until eventually you have no more curls, just damaged lifeless hair.  If you decide to use heat on your hair, the less you do it, and the less heat you use, the better. Excessive heat causes heat damage that you can not recover from without getting rid of the dead hair. Use caution when using heat.


8. Not protecting hair at night


Wearing a bonnet at night is not always convenient or cute for that matter, but protecting your hair at night is very important to preserve your curls, and protect your hair. If you don’t want to wear a bonnet, purchase a silk or satin pillow case, that way your hair is not breaking when rubbing against your cotton pillow case.


9. Not wearing protective hair styles


It’s fun to wear your fro out, and dibble and dabble with different styles, but to keep your hair from excessively breaking, becoming dry, and losing its luster, it is best to keep your hair protected the majority of the time. Don’t fret, wearing protective hairstyles can be fun as well, there are many different ways to protect your hair. You can wear braid outs, twist outs, braids, twists, buns, and many more styles, to keep your hair protected.


10. Stress


Wearing your hair natural is a beautiful, liberating experience. Yes, it does require some getting use to, but hair is by no means anything to stress over. Relax, and enjoy this beautiful learning and loving experience, of being natural!

Have you committed any of these natural hair sins?

Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on Instagram @ashleyreneepoet