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10 Heat Free Natural Hairstyles for Easter

By April 17, 2019Thank God Im Natural

Easter is almost here ladies! If you’re anything like me you’re trying to avoid heat like the plague and still have a bomb hairstyle for Easter. Growing up Easter Sunday meant getting my hair pressed but these days I might use heat on my hair twice a year tops, so I’m always try to come up with creative ways to style my hair so I don’t get bored. Here are 10 natural hairstyles that will have you looking gorgeous this Easter!

1. Stretched twist out

2. Braided bun

3. Up-do with a twist

4. Curly up-do

5. High bun

6. Mohawk buns

7. Wash n’ go

8. Goddess braid

9.Crown braid

10. Puff it out

What style will you be rocking this Easter ladies?

Ashley Renee is a writer, natural hair enthusiast and film maker from Chicago residing in Los Angeles. You can keep up with her on ig@ashleyreneepoet or visit her personal blog poetashleyrenee.