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25 Braided Summer Hair Styles for Natural Hair

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Enjoy the upcoming warm weather — frizz free! A little rain, a little sweat, a little humidity? No problem — even if frizz is a common summertime issue for curly girls, there is a way to sport your luscious natural hair throughout the summer months without having to worry about humidity unraveling your hard work. Our favorite frizz-fighting styles for summer are anything with braids! With three (or two…or even four!) simple strands…there are endless possibilities for looking great this summer with a hot braided style. We’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite braided looks:

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1. ‘Bows’ with a Reverse French Braid

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2. Traditional Long Side Braid with a Floral Crown

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3. Braided Side Bangs with a Top Knot

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4. Braided Half Up Do

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5. Side Shave with Box Braids

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6. Braided Pom Poms

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7. Braided Bun

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8. Loose Double French Braid

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9. Braided Crown with French Braid

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10. Low Ponytail Braided Braids

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11. French Braid Zig Zag

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12. Braided Headband

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13. Box Braids with Loose Accent Braid

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14. Braided Side Bang

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15. Braided Crown

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16. Box Braided ‘Messy Bun’

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17. Braided Pompadour

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18. Braided Up Do

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19. Milkmaid Braids

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20. Classic French Braids

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21. Alternating Cornrows

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22. Braided Twisted Bun

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23. Braided Half Up Do with Top Knot

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24. Classic Cornrows

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25. Braided Pony Tail Bun

Which of these braided summer styles are you dying to try?

Dora Sobze is a communications professional and freelance blogger. If you’re feeling crafty, hungry, stylish, or in need of natural hair tips, check out her blog or for her latest spinach recipes. She’d love to chat with you on twitter @la_ti_doe