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Photo: NayMarie Photographer & Retoucher| Hair: Nu Wave Kultural Kreations | Model: Candice Hightower | Accessories: imanijewelry | Lighting Tech: Will Focus


Are you tired of wearing your locs the same way every day?

We’ve found 25 beautiful, unique, and stylish updos for locs that are sure to turn a few heads. Get out of your style rut and try a few!

Check out these top 25 Loc Updos:


1. High Bun


2. French Roll

3. Side Knot

9be14043c8bffc19739475d12bb048904. Pompadour9cbe5bd035cbde9206f9b006c6023af75. Swirled Bun

72f44d00780d7203a0cded583e9edfdc - Copy

6. Twist and Coil


7. Side Roll5b04b1017a346d24e5dda7c0008a32d8

8. French Roll with Bangs

95a159d773cc3c5db7844906020cca35 - Copy

9. High Curls


10. Twist and Tuck


11. Twisted Bun


12. Side Cascade


13. Braided Cross Loc Updo



14. Flat twist with Pinned Bun

flat twist bun

Courtesy of

15. Crowned Loc Twist



16. Swoop Updo


Courtesy of

17. Inward Twisted Updo



 18. Pompadour with Hairband

pompadour with headband

Courtesy of

 19. Curly Updo

curly updo

Courtesy of

20. Rolled Up Loc Bun

rolled up loc bun

Courtesy of Pintrest

21.  Basket Woven Loc Updo

basket woven

Courtesy of

22. Intricate Twisted Updo

Intricate twisted updo

Courtesy of New Do Daily

23. Pulled up Ponytail

Courtesy pinterest

24.  Locs Bun

locs bun

Courtesy of Rachel Stewart Jewelry

25. Locs Rolled in Knots

locs rolled in knots

Courtesy of Thirsty Roots

26. Twisted Locs

twisted locs

Courtesy of Pintrest

27. Upward Flat Twists with Ponytail

upward flat twist with ponytail

Courtesy of

Here are a few bonus styles for you to try!:

28. Bantu Knot Locs

Courtesy of

29. Front Loc Updo

front loc updo

Courtesy of

30. Pinned Side Twist Updo

pinned side twist

Courtesy of New Do Daily

31. Big Twisted Updo

big twisted updo

Courtesy of Thirsty Roots

32. Flat twist and Bun

flat twist and bun2

Courtesy of Pinterest

33. Upward Ponytail

upward ponytail

Courtesy of

34. Chic Updo

chic updo

Courtesy of

35. Side Twisted Updo

Courtesy of

Which styles will you be trying?

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