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5 Healthier Alternatives to Your Favorite Unhealthy Snacks

By April 25, 2014health + fitness

Of course, there’s no fault in indulging in a bit of junk food occasionally — but clean eating is essential for living an overall healthy lifestyle and remaining in the best state you can be! We suggest substituting 5 of these less than healthy favorites with these 5 healthier alternatives: 

Store Bought Salad Dressing

Instead of dipping your veggies or drenching your (what might seem like) a healthy salad with a ton of your favorite store bought dressing, ditch the heavy dressing and replace with 1 part vinegar to 2 parts extra virgin olive oil for a homemade, light, vinaigrette.


Bacon Bits

We know, bacon has a lot of fans. And it can be tempting to crunch up your favorite recipe or salad with bacon bits. Replace bacon bits and use toasted sunflower seeds instead. A good crunchy alternative source of protein and flavor.

Potato Chips

If you like the salty crunch of classic potato chips, go a bit greener, and try baked kale chips instead.



Addicted to ketchup? Next time, dip whatever weapon of choice in hummus instead. What could be a healthier spread than chickpeas, lemon and garlic?



If you’re having a sweet tooth, curb the craving with dried fruit. If you like chewy, try dried mangos or pinapples. If you’re craving something baked and buttery, try dried apple slices dusted with cinnamon.

What are your favorite go-to healthier snack options? 

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