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5 Healthy Hair Resolutions for the New Year 2014

By January 1, 2014hair + beauty

Happy New Year naturals! New Year’s isn’t just a time to think about how to make changes for the following year, but for the rest of your life! Why settle for healthier hair that lasts only one year? We suggest making these 5 changes permanently that will last you through 2014 and hopefully, through your whole life!

1. Healthy hair first

It’s easy to get caught up in length. And the first hair resolution for many people is more inches. But remember, before the added inches comes hair health. Put the effort into being mindful of your overall hair health and the length will come without even having to think about it!

2. Trim every 4 months

Some people suggest trimming every 2 months. Others suggest every 6. We think 4 months is a good middle ground. You don’t need to trim a lot — just to rid your strands of split ends. If you follow step one by putting more effort into a healthy hair routine, then you won’t need to trim as often as every 2 months. Trimming less often will also help retain length if that’s a concern. However, don’t stop trimming for the sake of length or your unhealthy ends will break off!

3. Switch up the routine

Our hair can get bored. Switch up your product regimen and hair care routine every couple of months this year to open up the possibility of experimentation. You don’t have to be a complete product junkie or spend your entire savings on new products. But alternating between shampoos or conditioners every couple of months or trying new hair oils can keep your hair responsive, less immune to what the products are meant to do, and looking its best! You may also discover new methods or products that work for your hair along the way!

4. Limit the flat iron

This is basic. We’re not saying you should stop straightening your hair if you do. But simply cut back. If you don’t straighten your hair as often, limit yourself to once every 2 months. If you straighten your hair all the time, limit yourself to once a week and cut back on touch ups using roller sets throughout the week. For the love of your fragile ends!

5. Make the switch. Gradually.

If you’d like to go completely natural with your product regimen, do so gradually. Every month switch out one of your old products from your routine with a new all natural one. Of course, we suggest browsing through the TGIN Moist Collection — our natural line of sulfate free shampoo, wash out conditioner, deep conditioner, and leave in moisturizer. All important steps to a healthy natural hair routine! Today is the last day to enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.

Enjoy a happy, healthy, natural new year!


Dora Sobze is a PR associate, writer, and social media strategist by day — and freelance blogger by night. If you’re feeling crafty, hungry, stylish, or in need of natural hair tips, check out her blog or for her latest spinach recipes. She’d love to chat with you on twitter! Follow her @la_ti_doe