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5 Steps To Get Gorgeous Curls with Steam Rollers

By January 26, 2015hair + beauty


Many naturals want big, bouncy, beautiful, sexy curls, without having to get their hair blow dried, flat ironed, and then curled with a curling iron. First off, that is a lot of heat, and has a huge possibility of causing heat damage. Many naturals have been raving about steam rollers to achieve this gorgeous style. Yes! Steam rollers! Steam rollers aren’t just great for our straight haired friends, they work great on natural hair as well. Here are five easy steps to achieve this look.

1. Cleanse and condition



As always you want to start with clean and conditioned hair.  Shampoo your hair with tgin’s Moisture Rich Shampoo, and Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner. Next, rinse and apply a small amount of tgin’s Daily Butter Cream

2. Stretch your hair


You want to stretch your hair to appear like it has been blown out. If you aren’t afraid of a little heat you can braid you hair into four braids, and sit under the drier to dry and stretch your hair. You can also blow dry if you want a straighter look, or simply gently brush hair that you had previously braided. If you don’t want to use any heat, you can put your hair in two ponytails, and apply hair bands throughout the length of your hair, until it is dry, as show above.


3. Heat it up



Allow your roller to sit on the steamer any where from 7-30 seconds. Most companies recommend to leave it on for under 15 seconds, but most naturals have found it works better for natural hair when left on closer to 30 seconds

4.  Roll it up


9d8fef044dc8cadcdb59242cd7975e63-1Once you remove the roller from the steamer begin rolling your hair, section by section. When you have completely rolled your hair, allow the rollers  to sit for 2 hours. If desired you can also sit under a hooded drier.

5 Style



You are now ready to unroll your hair! Once you have unrolled your hair, you can either leave your curls as they are, and allow them to gradually fall throughout the day, or lightly pick apart with your fingers for a more natural curl!




Check out Naptural85  showing us how to achieve this look!



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Will you be trying steam rollers?

Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on Instagram @Ashleyvsrenee!