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5 Tips for Keeping Your Natural Hair Fab this Fall

By October 23, 2012hair + beauty

Personally, autumn is my favorite time of year on so many different levels. I love the cool, crisp air, all the warm earth-tone colors, and not to mention, fall is the most fashionable season. Hands down!

But fall is also the pre-curser to winter. The cool, crisp air can be harsh on our natural tresses and we may start to notice some shedding. Fret not, ladies. I’m going to arm you with vital information that will keep you so fly; Mother Nature won’t stand a chance.

1. Deep Condition your hair like it’s nobody’s business.

Whether its summer, fall, winter or spring, you should be deep conditioning your hair on a regular basis. Period! If you can, try and deep condition your hair weekly. Your goal should be to add moisture to your tresses as often as possible. For added positive affects, apply a deep conditioner to damp hair and cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap just before bedtime. The deep conditioner will soak in over night and make your mane that more soft. If you’re in the market for an awesome deep conditioner, check out Biolage Ultra-Hydrating Balm by Matrix.

2. Stay away from the heat.

This might be difficult for some who are attached to their curling iron, or blow dryer, but this is a must. Excessive heat is never a good thing for any type of hair texture and adding to your hair during these cold months won’t be any different. An alternative would be wearing a bun. You want to keep your dry brittle ends to a minimum.

3. Keep your ends trimmed.

Now, this isn’t anything new, but for us women who are fearful the stylist might be scissor happy; this can be a legitimate fear. However, keeping your ends trimmed is a must to cultivating long, healthy natural hair. Split ends, no matter what time of the year, are problematic. One should be getting their hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to ensure that your hair grows to its potential. By also keeping your ends trimmed you ensure your fros look their best.

4. Cover it Up

Before you go to bed, you should be wearing a silk or satin scarf over your head. This is essential to make sure your hair doesn’t snag on the pillow and cause split ends.

5.  Stay Protected

Fall is the perfect time for wearing protective hair styles and experimenting with a new look. Braids are always great. You can also try sporting a wig or getting a sew in for a couple of months. I wore kinky twists for almost nine months this year, and my hair has thanked me many times over.  My hair is the healthiest its been in a long time, since I’ve give it some much needed rest. Even though I have always kept heat styling to a minute, the daily rigors of brushing, touching and smoothing is enough to cause it stress. While wearing a protective style will help your hair to lock in that much needed moisture and retain length during these cooler months, remember just because you wear a protective style does not mean you can completely neglect your natural hair.

All these rules ladies aren’t anything new. However, they can slip our mind with all the other gazillion things we have going in our busy lives. Before you start your hectic day, don’t forget to take out 15 to 20 minutes for your hair. Trust me, it’ll thank you later.

For more tips on caring for your natural tresses, be sure to pick up a copy of my new book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair, which Essence recently declared the “Natural Hair Bible,”  now available at Barnes & Noble, on or electronically in Kindle form, and in the TGIN Store.