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Being intimate while natural….hmmmmm

Now ladies, we’re all grown here, yes? We can be adults and have this conversation and totally not be weird about it. Okay, so lets dive in.

As women of color, our hair is everything. We’re taught from a young age it’s our crown and glory. Having it messed up just isn’t acceptable. But what about when the time comes for you and your man to (Ahem…scratches throat) do what it is you do?

Okay, yes this topic might sound a bit foolish. Why should a woman be worrying about her hair anyway? There should only be one thing on her mind when she and her man are in the bedroom. But after those 15 minutes of fabulousness (lets hope it last that long) what do you do when your hair looks like a bird’s nest?

So I guess my question to everyone is how do you maintain your flawless natural hair while gettin’ it in? Or do you throw caution to the wind and your legs in the air (C’mon, I mean I had to slip one dirty joke in)