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Carol’s Daughter Files for Bankruptcy

By April 26, 2014health + fitness

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that one of our beloved visionaries, Carol’s Daughter, has declared bankruptcy.

But, there is no need for alarm, it appears to be a mere case of growing pains.  The action was taken by the physical store division of the company not the parent company.  The company’s CEO Richard Dantas released a statement via email saying:

“Today’s filing in no way reflects the parent company’s healthy financial situation, and is a part of its plan to grow the brand through national retail outlets,”

In recent years, the retail division’s sales have dropped, prompting the company’s decision to close 5 of the 7 stores and lay off 29 of its 42 store employees.

So while you will only be able to shop at two Carol’s Daughters stores, the retail outlets in Harlem and Brooklyn, the wonderful products that we’ve come to enjoy will still be available on the Carol’s Daughter website.  Fortunately, due to the company’s new focus on their distribution, Carol’s Daughter products will also be available through their many national retail outlets such as Home Shopping Network and recently an exciting collection of products debuted at Target

So, ladies what do you think? Are you fan of Carol’s Daughter products? If so, which ones are your favorites?