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Charcoal Ink (UK) Review of Thank God I’m Natural

By March 1, 2010health + fitness

Thank God I’m Natural (TGIN) is one of those milestone books. I think a milestone book is a book that will be remembered because of the zeitgeist it captures.

Written by lawyer Chris-Tia Donaldson, the book is a hybrid: part guide on how to take care of your natural strands and part personal journey of how Chris-Tia became natural. Chris-Tia kindly sent me a copy, which I read in no time.

Packed with pictures for hairstyle ideas and how-to keep your hair healthy and conditioned, TGIN ticks many boxes. It is extremely well-researched, in particular a section about the actual anatomy of hair and how our hair follicles are. This aspect of in-depth analysis of natural Afro hair is a plus point because hair is just so complex but many black women have a simplistic attitude to hair.

TGIN dispels the myths around natural hair, which is incredibly important for newbies into the natural game and even veterans who need to feel inspired.

I recommend any woman passionate about natural hair to read this book. I am not saying this because it is in vogue but because Chris-Tia has made an indispensable contribution to the natural hair movement by writing this book.

As a natural since 2004, I learned a great deal about the actual practical issues surrounding hair and I adore the directory in the back. If any non-US naturals are worried that it is not relevant to them, I would not fear because the directory in the back features salons in Europe and several in London that cater to natural hair.

Writing a book is no joke, I am sure and I can only applaud Chris-Tia for this effort.

Verdict: 5/5 coals.