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Chris-Tia Donaldson a Panelist for League of Superwomen: A Powerful Discussion on Entrepreneurship


tgin founder and CEO Chris-Tia Donaldson was honored to be a part of this week’s League of Superwomen event!  She joined an incredible panel of women for the night, where they discussed defying the odds of entrepreneurship, and gave practical advice about following your passion in order to start and grow a successful business.



Alongside Chris-Tia were: Erica Douglas @sisterscientist, Keisha Howard @sugargamer, Watchen Nyanue @icuwatchen, and Chrishon Lampley @lovecorkscrew. The discussion was moderated by Micae Brown @micaebrown.



This event was hosted by Rendel Solomon, founder of One Stock One Future, an organization dedicated to turning one million youth into public company shareholders! Proceeds from this event will support One Stock One Future in their efforts.



It was a pleasure for Chris-Tia to be involved in this successful and inspiring event!