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CT Goes Natural. . . I Mean All the Way Natural

By December 27, 2012hair + beauty

I know you all are used to seeing me all dolled up in pics on my blog, but many of you have asked me what my hair looks like in its natural state. Well, the wait is over. I’m not ashamed. My hair is nappy as hell, especially in the back in the middle, but I sure know how to do it up style wise as you can see from my postWho Says Natural Hair Isn’t Versatile?

Ladies, this photo is meant to inspire you. Clearly, going natural doesn’t mean, you get to throw away your brush, your comb, and your collection of MAC makeup. Natural hair still requires maintenance, including trimming and for some of us, trips to the salon. As one woman said at my book signing this past weekend in Harlem, NY, we, naturals, have to keep it tight, because we’re role models for all the ladies out there who are still in the struggle.

So, THESE NAPS ARE FOR YOU. Take it from me, anything is possible. You don’t have to have so called “good hair” or a silky/wavy texture like Mariah Carey or Alicia Keys to go natural, all you need is a little creativity, your imagination and a lot of confidence. And from the looks of this picture, I clearly have/need all three.

Stay natural,