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Cute Hats For Chilly Weather

By November 26, 2012health + fitness

Winter beanies are the perfect solution for dry or unruly hair days. No one will know what’s under you’re hat. You can lather on a deep moisturizer on your ends, cover with a plastic cap and then cover with a beanie and both you and your hair can be looking and feeling your finest all day.

The next time you splurge on hair accessories, think about getting yourself a few beanies or any kind of hats for different quick and cute styles.  Here are a few favorites:


Fedora styled hats are perfect for days when you’re roots start to frizz out. Sometimes it’s hard to get styling products as evenly distributed to the roots as to the ends. These hats are also cute for TWA styles.


Beanies are great for covering your entire head of hair. For an alternate look, you can also pull out some bangs and either leave them curly, pin them into a pompadour, or style them in any way you choose!


Couple a bright beret with chunky earrings. Everyone will notice how chic you look with the earrings and beret and you won’t have to worry about your curls looking less bouncy, shiny, moisturized or anything!