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Derek J Says YOUR Natural Hair May Not be for YOU

By March 20, 2013hair + beauty

Bravo TV


According to celebrity stylist Derek J, “Natural hair is not for everyone.”

Unfortunately, this is a common attitude. It’s completely understandable to be against the idea of force feeding a “natural hair movement” down any one’s throat who may not want to go natural. It’s probably okay too for some one to say they are “not a fan of the natural hair movement,” as Derek J put it. However, claiming that the God-given hair growing out of someone’s head may not be for them? Kind of makes no sense.

“Real House Wives of Atlanta” cast member Miss Lawrence and stylist Derek J sat down for a conversation on Bravo’s new series “Fashion Queens” to talk haute couture styles and fashion trends. When the topic of hair came up, some touchy comments were made. He also continued later on twitter, referring to people with natural textures as “natural hair nazis” that would lash out against his comments.

Yes, it’s true that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. On that note, everyone is also entitled to talk back. By saying he Isn’t a fan of the natural hair movement, is Derek J insulting all of the women who have chosen to rock their natural textures? By saying “natural hair is not for everyone” is he suggesting that some women should have no choice but to reduce their styling options to relaxers and weaves?

Moral of the story — don’t let anyone tell you that your natural features are not “for you.”  If you chose to alter any of your features with relaxers, dyes, or synthetic hair then that is totally your decision and there is nothing wrong with that. But, when it comes to hair, there is nothing more “you” than what naturally grows out of your head!

What do you think about “Natural hair is not for everyone?”