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5 Money Saving Tips for Natural Hair

By September 16, 2012hair + beauty

If you’re looking for ways to save, you may want to consider these 5 simple suggestions to cut back on spending tons of money on your hair. Maintaining a head of natural hair, or any head of hair, does not have to be expensive!

More DIY
When it’s possible to do it yourself, you should. Instead of going to a salon for a trim every 6 months to a year, try trimming on your own. There are a number of tutorials on Youtube that give great trimming tips. You can also find a friend or relative to trim your hair for you. DIY also goes for deep treatments and styling. Most styles only last a few days to a week, anyway, so might as well learn to do it on your own!

Stop following trends
Even though a product or hair item is stirring hype, doesn’t always mean it will be the ultimate solution for your hair. Instead of running out and purchasing the latest hair trends right away, read up on reviews or try samples instead. If you already have a hair regimen that works well for you, then there really isn’t much need to spend your cash on unnecessary, expensive products.

Stick with what you need
Instead of stashing loads of products that will take years to finish up, try out products one at a time. If you are trying to conserve on costs, don’t buy new products until you have used up the old ones. If you absolutely don’t like a product on your hair, then try selling or trading the remains.

Limit natural hair events
Even though these events can be great networking opportunities, fun and informative, sometimes they are a lot of money. Instead of booking tickets for every event in your area, try holding off on some. If you do attend an event, make sure you are aware of the price and exactly what is being offered. Then decide if the admission fee is really worth it.

Ingredients, not brands
Go for quality ingredients rather than popular brands. You may be spending more money on bottles of products that you could be getting for significantly less elsewhere. It’s also possible to mix your own products (like 100% natural flax seed gel) or add in your own, cheaper oils to more expensive products for dilution. Expensive doesn’t always equal quality.

Bonus: Make Some of your own Products at Home
With everyday products in your kitchen, you can whip up some great conditioners, clarifying treatments and tea rinses. For over 50+ homemade hair care recipes, pick up my book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair, now available at, Amazon, and on Kindle, Nook, and iPad.

Product junky? What do you do to save some money on maintaining a healthy head of hair?

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