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Facebook Is Helping You Get Your Boo…By Any Means Neccessary!

By April 1, 2011life + style

Mark Zuckerberg, you have outdone yourself yet again!

Okay,  social media site Facebook has done away with the Breakup Notifer, which alerted users when you were no longer with your main squeeze. But oh! don’t worry, Facebook has figured out a way to still grant folks the opportunity to be all up in your business!

So check this out, according to Mashable, the new app called the “Waiting Room” allows users the opportunity to pine over their crushes by going to that person’s Facebook page, and placing yourself in their waiting room. Once someone has been placed in the waiting room, your crush will be alerted that a new user is “waiting” for them.

If and when your boo breaks up with their significant other, he or she will be notified 48 hours after the break up about the people in his or her waiting room.

Do you remember when Facebook launched the “Honesty Box” application? You could post a question in your honesty box, and people could respond honestly  (and anonymously) to your question.  As harmless as the questions, were (or not so harmless), this application caused a lot of people to get unfriended.  Hell, it was worse than losing a friend over a Spades game because you “accidentally” reneged!

I don’t know what to say. Although the app doesn’t notify your crush immediately of who is crushing on them, it does let them know someone is at least crushing on them, which could speed up the “break up” process.

Now ladies, what would you do if you found out your man had a laundry list of folks in his waiting room while you two were still together? How would that make you feel? And on the flip side, would you date someone who was in your waiting room, knowing they secretly wanted your relationship to be over with?