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TGIN’s Fall 2010 Makeup Guide

By September 8, 2010health + fitness

Okay ladies, summer is packing her cute Birkin bag, putting on her flip-flops and saying sayonara. Don’t worry, although we won’t be able to spend our days at the beach in bikinis and sun bathe, we will still be able to look fabulous with these fall make up must haves. You excited? Because I so am.

Sephora Collection: Long Lasting Eyeliner (Black)

Price: $10

If you’re a woman who wears makeup, and you don’t have black liquid eyeliner, I’m not going to talk to you for the next five seconds. Black eyeliner is a MUST! However, black liquid eyeliner is like clean drinking water, you can’t live without it. When applied correctly, it gives us gorgeous women such a refined finish. It makes us look like we can take on the world, which is true, because we can.

Maybeline New York: Are you Red-Dy

Price: $8

This fall, be daring and smack on a red lip. It looks great anytime of day, but especially at night. Women of all complexions can wear red lipstick. The reason why it’s a must have this fall is because it’ll add some pop to any outfit you put on.

MAC Trax Eye Shadow

Price $14.50

This fall be on the look out for eye shadow colors of bright orchid, mauve, plum and eggplant.  Shadows from the purple family make a bold statement, but are also a fresh departure from the browns and berries we see eevery autumn. So, if there’s one fall trend worth adopting,  this is it!

Revlon Beyond Natural Blush and Bronzer: 410 Peach

Price: $8

We all know fall is just the precursor to a long and cold winter. So we need to keep as warm as possible. Hell, we even need to look warm as well, which is why a nice pink blush is always good or even a brown one. The purpose is to highlight those gorgeous cheekbones of ours with just a hint of color. Try it, it’ll never do you wrong.

Bobbi Brown Nude lip gloss

Price: $20

We’ve already established that at night, smack on a red lip. Yes, there’s no denying that. But by day, a nude lip is always refreshing and very girly. I am such a proponent for nude lip gloss it’s not even funny. It adds such a clean and girly finish to whatever type of look you’re going for. It blends in so well, it’s almost like you don’t have anything on (hence it being nude) but the refined finish it gives, it’s unstoppable. Everyone, please invest in a nude lip gloss.

Now, of course in order to have a serious make up arsenal you’re going to need much more than just these few items. However, if you invest in these, you’ll be on your way.

Stay fabulous ladies!