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Faux Locs on Natural Hair in 5 Steps

By July 25, 2014hair + beauty

header-ciara-locs-672x372Faux locs have become all the rage and for good reason. Many people want to achieve the look of long, luxurious locs, without the dedication and years of commitment to growing them. Celebrities such as Erykah Badu, Lisa Bonet, Willow Smith, and most recently Ciara, have sported the trendy do and have looked fab doing it.  This style is perfect for anyone who wants to see how locs will look on them but isn’t ready to commit, wants to start the loc process, or simply wants a temporary new hair style. Here are a few tips on effortlessly achieving this look:

1. Do your research. If you are choosing to do your hair yourself, instead of having an expert do it, make sure you do research on the different types of hair and how each one looks, as well as how long they last, grooming, etc. The process is also time consuming, it can take over 10 hours, so be prepared.


2.  Buy the right hair. Some great hair for achieving this look is Kanekalon, which is typically priced around $2 to $3 dollars per pack, Marlo afro hair, which cost ranges from $6-$7 per pack, or human kinky hair which can range between $30-$50 per pack of hair.

3. Clean, moisturize, and braid your hair. First clean, detangle, moisturize and dry your hair. Shampooing with TGIN Moisture Rich Sulfate-Free Shampoo will give you a clean, yet moisturized and nourished hair and scalp. Condition and deep condition with Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner and Honey Miracle Hair Mask for extra hydration and softness. Next, part and section your hair. You must now determine how big you want each braid. You will braid your own hair individually and then wrap your weave of choice around each braid from root to tip. Ensure that the hair is wrapped taut so it will not unravel, but not to the point where you feel tension, as this will cause hair breakage, headaches, and breakouts. To prevent the hair from unraveling, you can burn the ends, this step is optional.


4. Maintenance is key. Healthy hair practices should always be done whether you are protective styling or not. Be sure to keep your hair clean and moisturized throughout this process. You will get longer wear, and ensure your hair is healthy when you are ready to take down your faux locs. TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer is perfect for regular hydration and moisture.

5. Style and go! The most fun part of this process is finally getting to play in your hair. So many styles can be achieved with faux locs, from braid outs, to curl sets, updos, or simply wearing them down. Don’t get stuck in a box with faux locs, just about anything you can do with straight hair, you can achieve with faux locs, so whip out your hair magazines, pinterest, and tumblr for some hair inspiration and have fun!

How will you be rocking your faux locs this summer?

Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet or visit her website