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Five Essentials for the Perfect Summer Salad


Even if you are not a chef, most great salads are simple to make. The most important part of a great tasting salad is balance. A little crunch, a little dressing and a lot of greens! If you remember these 5 key parts to making hearty, healthy, and delicious salads, you’ll never eat a boring salad ever again!

1. Mixed Greens

Don’t tire your salads with the same iceberg lettuce every time. Mix it up! Buy a new bag of mixed greens every week, or throw in some green herbs from the garden. Mint leaves, parsley, arugula and basil leaves all taste great in salads mixed in with other basic greens.

2. Veggies/Fruit

Add in a burst of color and taste with a couple different fruits and/or veggies. If you like sweeter salads, mandarin oranges, apples, or dried fruits are all easy additions.  If you prefer savory, mix in some fresh mushrooms, avocado, or peppers. Or perhaps…all of the above!

3. Protein 

This step does not have to be intimidating for the beginner chef. Whether you throw in a can of tuna or sushi grade seared tuna, your salad will be instantly more hearty and filling when you add protein. Microwave grilled chicken, and lunch meat are also effortless to toss in. If you’re a vegetarian, add in eggs and/or cheese.

4. Crunch 

Give your salad a crunch! Add in nuts, seeds, chia, quinoa, or even bacon bits for great taste and crunch. If you’re feeling particularly creative, perhaps try crispy onion slivers, dry ramen noodles, homemade croutons, or wonton chips.

5. Dressing

Last but not least, top your salad with your favorite dressing. Sometimes the simplest dressings are best — a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Or perhaps oil, lemon, and honey for a bit of sweetness. To cut back on time even further, but enjoy the same flavors as you would at home, store a few jars of your favorite homemade dressings at work!

What are your favorite summer salads?


Dora Sobze is a communications professional and freelance blogger. If you’re feeling crafty, hungry, stylish, or in need of natural hair tips, check out her blog or for her latest spinach recipes. She’d love to chat with you on twitter @la_ti_doe