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Freshen Up Your Wardrobe with Parrot Green

By August 8, 2012life + style

If you’re looking to add some life to your Summer wardrobe, try adding clothing and accessories in parrot green. Green is already a neutral enough color to go well with almost anything and parrot green shades are cool and summery at the same time.

Finish off a color deprived outfit with a pair of parrot green pumps. These shoes work well for a casual day or night look.

Clutches are great for the Summer time when you’re most on-the-move and in need of a lighter load. Keep the heavy hand bag at home and accessorize with a cute parrot green clutch instead.

Whether green or not, any bright colored shades add the perfect Summery touch to any outfit. If you’re short on cash, colorful sunglasses from mall stores like Forever 21 are a fun and fairly cheap way to accessorize.

What are your favorite wardrobe colors for the Summer?