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Get the Look of Elle Varner’s Buttery Soft Curls with TGIN

By November 16, 2013hair + beauty, life + style

Elle Varner always looks stunning in her signature curly dos. Achieve Elles’ buttery soft curls with a skinny twist out or roller set — use TGIN Twist and Define Cream to seal in moisture and lock in the curls! For a boost of moisture, moisturize your freshly washed hair first with TGIN Buttercream Daily Moisturizer before applying the TGIN Twist and Define Cream. Let twists or rollers set completely until hair is totally dry — gently seperate your curls and fluff out your hair with a blow dryer to get this look!

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New TGIN Moist Collection is specifically designed to increase moisture retention for textured hair which tends to be dry. Our products transform dry, dull hair into soft, manageable, and most importantly moisturized curls.

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