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Greenlight for Waiting to Exhale 2

By June 28, 2011health + fitness

(Whitney Houston voice) everyone falls/in love sometimes/sometimes its wrong/sometimes it right.

It’s been 15 long years since Bernadine, Savannah, Gloria and Robin got together, and now, by the grace of the movie Gods they’ll all be getting together yet again!

No date has been set, but Angela Bassett has confirmed that the entire original cast (Whitney Houston and Wesley Snipes included) will be back for the second installment of the Terry McMillan classic.

The author penned the sequel to the original book and titled it Getting to Happy, (Viking) which was released Fall of 2010. Now, 15 years later, all four women face issues that most women in their 50s face, which include divorce, starting over, companionship and the trials that family can sometimes bring.

Bassett said although a lot of things have to be ironed out, the movie will hit theaters in the near future and actor/director Forrest Whitatker is working on the screenplay now.

With everything that’s transpired over the past 15 years in regards to the cast, it’ll be very interesting to see how the script turns out. I know, for me, Waiting to Exhale was a snap shot for what a lot of women go through, and without even trying, became a cult classic. I hope, Whitaker and McMillan can make this one just as good, if not better.

But what do you think ladies, whenever this movie hits the theaters, do you plan on checking it out, or you’re just gonna wait and RedBox it?