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5 Hot Hair Colors for Summer

By May 23, 2014hair + beauty

Summer is right around the corner ladies, and it is time to try something new! What better way to bring in the summer sun and fun, than with a brand new, bright and flirty hair color? Gone are the days when naturals hid behind dull browns and blacks. Bright, funky, and fun, is all the rage this summer! Check out the hottest hair colors for summer below!

blue-natural-hair1. Is blue so YOU? You aren’t the typical everyday Jane, you like to push the envelope and have fun while doing it. Why not shock every one with this beautiful trendy blue! There are so many creative ways to add color to the hair. You can be bold and dye the full hair, try an ombre effect and only color the tips while leaving the rest of your hair, your natural color, or add blue highlights. If you want to try something daring but not sure you are ready to commit to such a bold hue, eye shadow coloring and clip-ins are a non- committed girl’s best friend!





2. Redhead! Just a few years ago it seemed as though every natural beauty that rocked a red was going with a more auburn or natural look. It’s so exciting to see so many naturals getting bright colors this season! Bright red is all the rage! If you are looking for a fun, yet sultry and sexy look this summer, red is the hue for you!

honey-blonde-natural3. Honey, honey, honey blonde is so beautiful! Honey blonde will always be a staple in the natural hair community, and rightfully so. Honey blonde looks great on naturals of all complexions and hair types, it’s all in the way you work it honey! This color can be worn in so many different ways, honey blonde looks wonderful as highlights, as well as a full head of several different light colors including; honey blonde, blonde and light browns. If you’ve never tried this beautiful hue, this summer is a great time to try it.

4. Think Pink! No longer is color reserved for the punk rocker chicks, naturalista’s want in on the fun too! Posh pink has already begun gracing the heads of many natural beauties. Pink hair can be soft and girly or loud and daring, either way; it is a hue do for summer!pink-natural-hair

5. Black is back! Not just any old run of the mill black, jet black, the blackest of the blacks, blue black. Black is and will always be beautiful. There is nothing like a beautiful black fro blowing in the wind accompanied with a bold and beautiful lip color, and some banging earrings. Black is the perfect color for summer, it is timeless it is effortless; it is well, the new black!

Remember ladies color is always fun to play in but colored hair needs even more moisture and conditioning, try TGIN’s Honey Miracle Hair Mask to keep your new hue conditioned.


Which color will you be rocking this summer?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet