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How to Have a Successful Big Chop in 7 Easy Steps

By January 19, 2015hair + beauty



Deciding to do the big chop, can be a scary thing. You aren’t sure how you are going to look with short hair, you don’t know how your friends, family members, and significant other will react, and you aren’t quite sure how to care for your natural hair. The first thing to take into account is your own feelings. You should never allow anyone else to talk you out of doing something that you want to do. The people that truly love you, will continue to do so, no matter what hair style you decide to wear! Once you decide to do the big chop there are plenty of resources to help. There are many natural hair blogs, as well as millions of Youtube videos, that will be very helpful to you during this time. Here are seven easy steps to do the big chop.

1. Do Your Research 


tginCutting your hair can be a big deal for many women. You don’t want to just chop off all of your hair on a whim, and have no idea what to do next. It is important that you educate yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Thank God I’m Natural, by tgin CEO, Chris-Tia Donaldson, is a great place to start. After spending hundreds of dollars monthly, having her life practically  revolve around her hair, and not seeing any results in hair growth, tgin CEO, and author of, Thank God I’m Natural, Chris-Tia Donaldson, decided to take the plunge and go natural. Chris-Tia didn’t know much about natural hair care, but she was confident in herself, and her abilities to make it work. Donaldson then discovered at home recipes, as well as techniques for caring for her own natural hair. Thank God I’m Natural, is a great book for any woman considering going natural. It is an Amazon best seller, as well as has been deemed the hair bible by Essence Magazine. Donaldson takes us on a journey of her own self-discovery, as well as provides page after page of helpful tips for the newly, and seasoned natural. In addition to reading this eye opening page turner, make sure you are watching Youtube videos for tips and tricks.

2. Have a Game Plan

black-woman-reading-library-book-1_zps4954d353Many women who jumped into going natural, quickly have went back to relaxers, after not properly educating themselves, and being completely clueless on how to care for their natural hair. You need to have a game plan in set for after you do the big chop. Are you going to wear wigs and weaves, while your hair is still growing? Do you plan on rocking your twa(teeny weeny afro)? Do you want to add a little funk with hair color? Now is the time to start looking at hair magazines and pictures online to decide exactly what styles will work for you once you do the big chop. There are plenty of natural hair styles for short styles, so this should not be hard at all.

3. Chop Chop Bang Bang 


It’s time to get rid of that relaxed hair ladies. You have transitioned as long as you could stand it, and you are ready to start loving and caring for your natural hair! If you are able to, go see a professional stylist. A professional stylist is able to not only cut off your relaxed hair, but cut your hair into a style, as well as make sure you are only cutting off your relaxed hair. It is usually easiest to see the difference between your relaxed, and natural hair when it is wet. If you are unable to see a stylist, ask a friend or family member who has experience with caring for natural hair to help.

4. Products


Now that you are natural, the products you used on your relaxed hair, may no longer work for you. You need to have products that are sulfate free, so you hair is not being dried out. It takes longer for the natural oils our scalp produces to travel down the length of our hair, so we want to be sure we aren’t deducting any more moisture. The key with natural hair is moisture and maintenance. Tgin products are great for natural hair. Our line features everything you need to cleanse, condition, deep condition, and moisturize your hair. You are going to have to try a few products before you find exactly what works for you, and your hair texture. The good thing about this is that there are so many women on youtube just like you, who have hair similar to yours and do reviews on products, oils, and hair techniques. Watch there videos! Don’t limit yourself to only watching the uber popular hair gurus. You might find someone with less viewers, with a hair texture more similar to yours. Try products out, see what you like, and what works for your hair.

5. Take it Easy


Many women feel extremely anxious once they go natural. They aren’t sure of their hair type, what products work best for their hair texture, or how long it will take their hair to grow long. It’s going to take some time to figure all of these things out. The best thing to do during this time is be patient. Don’t compare your hair to the next persons hair, or wonder why your hair isn’t growing as fast, isn’t as curly, or is feeling super dry. Everyone’s hair texture is different. What you want to focus on right now is learning as much as you can about your hair, and what your hair needs. Have a day where you can set some time aside to try a product out, read a natural hair book, or watch a few videos. Remind yourself that your hair will grow much longer in time, you just need to be patient.

6. Protect your hair




It is going to be a little bit easier to protect your hair while it is short. You don’t have to worry about it rubbing on the back of your shirt or jacket causing breakage, and you don’t have to worry about protective styling as much. However, you do want to start thinking about protective styling options for the future, as well as making sure your hair is protected at night. You must make sure that your hair is protected at night. Sleeping with a silk or satin pillow case helps prevent breakage caused by the friction between your hair and cotton pillowcases. Make sure each and every night you are sleeping with a silk or satin scarf or pillowcase.



Now that you are natural, wash days are going to be a tad bit different for you. However, things are going to be a little bit easier while your hair is shorter. Take this time to really feel out what works for you. Are you going to prepoo (condition your hair before you shampoo)? Do you want to deep condition each time you wash? Are you going to a wash ‘n’ go, or style your hair?  It may be easier for you to have a plan of exactly what you want to do with your hair before you get in the shower. This will save you a lot of time.

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Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on Instagram @Ashleyvsrenee!