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Mrs. O’s new stylist is revealed.

By March 17, 2011life + style
Okay, now you didn’t hear this from me, but I know who Michelle Obama’s new stylist is.
But look, you have to keep this highly top-secret fashion news under wraps. Don’t go telling Pookie and them. Got it?
According to some of our more reliable sources, Michelle Obama’s new stylist is Meridith Koop, a 29-year-old Vanderbilt University grad.
Yea, you read that right. She’s 29, and she gets to shop for the first lady. Jealous? I know I am!
Koop is Obama’s newest personal assistant. According to the Washington Post, Obama’s long time stylist, 43-year-old Ikram Goldman, is no longer the Stylist in Chief to the first lady.
Goldman is the owner of a Chicago boutique called Ikram Boutique, where Michelle shopped often, sources closes to the First Lady said.
Koop’s responsibilities include advising the First Lady on her wardrobe, getting them for her at the most affordable price (I hear that!) and arranging purchases, a White House spokeswoman said.
Obama, who is known for wearing everything from Halston to H&M has been considered haute for her fashion choices (The 2011 Royal Blue state dinner dress) and also a hot mess (The red and black dress she wore the night her husband became the president-elect. Her dress wasn’t a hit) Some of her fashion foes include designer Oscar del La Renta.
Now, I’m not too sure if  Michelle really needed any help to begin with. I’ve always dug her clothing choices.  However,check out the pictures below.
***Do you notice any difference in Mrs. Obama’s style now that Koop is on board, or is the First Lady still fabulous as she’s always been?****