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Now you can bat both sets of lashes: New Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

By April 7, 2011health + fitness

How unfair is it that men sometimes have the longest, most fullest eye lashes, and we don’t? Everytime I see a guy with great lashes, which is often, I say to myself “Why God?” Men with great lashes are the epitome of cruel and unusual punishment.

Or, if men aren’t the ones with these beautiful lashes, then it seems only A-listers are blessed to have them.

So not fair!

As women, we know how important mascara is to our make up collection, but after trying our hardest to get the lashes on the top of our lids to flourish, it’s almost impossible achieving the same effect for our bottom lashes.

But not anymore,

Introducting the new Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. For only 10 bucks, you can have the lashes that we all dream about (or that men, for whatever reason are born with). The ubber tiny wand is specifically made for your teeny tiny bottom lashes. No more trying to use your bulky mascara wand to grab your small lashes and leaving little marks on your face. Hey, and get this. It last for 24 WHOLE hours, which means it will last you from sidewalk to the catwalk.

So what do you think ladies, think you’ll give it a shot?