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Natural Hair Regimen Update for Split Ends and Breakage

By January 17, 2013hair + beauty

For those naturals who live in colder climates, mid-January means your hair has been up against some brutal cold, dry weather. If you’re finding your hair health has been on the decline and are facing breakage and split ends, then it may be time to update your regimin. Here’s a suggestion:


Step 1: Cleanser

If you’re hair has become super damaged, consider leaving out shampoo from your routine for a while. Instead, use a cleansing conditioner. The Curl Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Hair Conditioner is gentle enough to be used daily but its cleansing properties will shed your hair of product. If you decide to condition less often, it’s best to also avoid products that are prone to buildup (like silicones!).


Step 2: Deep conditioner

For a deeper condition, replace your regular conditioner with a sulfate free deep penetrating conditioner. The L’Oreal Ever Sleep Smoothing Deep Conditioner is a 100% vegan formula. Since it is silicone free, it won’t cause difficult to cleanse buildup.  1-2 treatments a week with this stuff  and your brittle ends will thank you.


Step 3: Moisturizer

Water is always a great moisturizer. If you’re hair responds well to creamy, thicker moisturizers, however, Yes to Carrots Leave in Conditioner is a great product. Yes to Carrots uses natural ingredients that won’t eventually dry your hair out. This product will also give your hair a silky soft feel that you’ll even notice on your fingertips after applying. Great for a leave in after a wash or for regular scrunches of moisture on dry ends throughout the week.


Step 4: Styling Cream

For styling products, stay away from gels. Gels can be very drying and flaky. TGIN Twist & Define Cream gives substantial hold to lightly manipulated styles while infusing the hair with the moisturizing nutrients of coconut and vitamin E. TGIN Twist & Define cream comes from the TGIN Moisture Collection, a line of products specifically created to moisturize curls. Moisturized hair is flexible, malleable, and elastic which immunizes strands from severe breakage.



Step 5: Sealant 

If you’ve been using the same oils and butters as sealants over and over again, (olive oil and shea butter?) you’re hair might just need a change. Sometimes switching up products can help to prevent your hair from “getting used” to them which optimizes results. Mango butter is very similar to shea butter in moisturizing properties and consistency and can be found in many natural/organic grocery stores. This stuff works as both a moisturizer and sealant to help lock in hydration.


Things to try to avoid:

  • Curling irons
  • Flat irons
  • Blow dryers / concentration nozzles
  • Dry brushing/combing
  • High manipulation styles


How do you switch up your regimen for the cold, dry seasons?