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Four Small Changes for Big Results in Your Life

By May 28, 2014life + style

black-woman-happyThere are times when our back is against the wall, we don’t see the light and want to change. The present season can be so overwhelming that we don’t know where to start. The first step is acknowledge that you want to change and start moving towards that change — even if it is creating a habit of waking up five minutes earlier every day to do 10 squats, read a daily devotional, or to meditate. With this small shift, you can create a big change in your life. The following four steps will help you create some small changes for big results.

big-changes-small-steps1. Write it down – Write everything down that you want to accomplish a specific time frame. After you make your list put the items in categories. After you categorize the list prioritize based on your timing and importance. Once you are complete review each section and write down little things you can do to begin the process. For example if you goal is to lose 10 pounds. Think of little changes that you can start tomorrow. It can be drinking lemon water every morning or make a smoothie three times a week or increase exercise by 10 minutes. These small goals will eventually increase and become a habit. Once you have a strong hold on your changes, move to the next item on your list.

2. Prayer/Meditation – When we exercise our spiritual practice, prayer is the action and meditation is the answer. Really think about the type of individual that you need to be in order to change and achieve your goals. If organized, disciplined, peaceful, and/or happy is on your list. Pray about it, what you will find is the gift of tests and opportunities to become what you want. I remember a time that I wondered if I was as disciplined as I could be financially, I prayed about it and asked is there a way that I could become more disciplined? Within a week, my salary was cut as well as my hours at the place where I worked. I had to take a step back and realize that this is my lesson in financial discipline. I was aware and conscious so I embraced the situation, instead of freaked out and complained, and asked for guidance along the way. Understand that the answer and tests will not always come easy or in pretty packages but remember nothing just happens and it is for a greater good. Stay the course and trust the process.

3. Take an inventory – As you work on your goals/changes check in with yourself. How consistent are you with your change. How are you feeling, are you conscious of the fact that we get everything we ask for, it isn’t the way we may envision it but it comes to pass. As you take inventory also pay attention to see how much you have grown through the process.

4. Celebrate – As you make the little changes and see some results. Celebrate! Now you can continue the goals and move along to your best life yet. Be proud of yourself and your achievements. There is nothing too small for a celebration. You are worth it and deserve it.

Change can be fun when you are aware and present. Remember our mental attitude and thoughts will predict the outcome of what will happen. Keep it positive and be sure to stay around positive, supportive, and loving people. Remember, you are a direct reflection of the company you keep. Now, if being around positive people is not an option, maybe it is your assignment to be the light and lift some people up. I hope the four little steps to big change helped.

Yvelette Stines (  is an award winning writer. She will help you live a calm and healthy lifestyle and write from your soul. Her work has been published in Essence, Uptown, Heart and Soul, Jones, Hispanic Executive Quarterly, and Green Build + Design just to name a few. Her book Vernon the Vegetable Man encourages children to choose healthy lifestyle habits. Stines blog Calming Corners ( motivates readers to live a calm and healthy lifestyle. You can find her calmly playing on social media @yvelettestines + @calmingcorners.