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Sonia Kashuk: A Woman After Our Cosmetic Hearts

By January 13, 2011hair + beauty

When it comes to make up, your finished look will only be as good as the tools you used to apply it. Blush, eye-shadow and foundation brushes can cost more than a pretty penny, especially if you’re buying the name brand. However, make up artist Sonia Kashuk gives us frugal fashionistas cheaper ways to remain within our budget and still be beautiful.

Take a look at some of these fabulous finds.

Sonia Kashuk-4 piece pink brush set (Retail price ($12.99)

For 12 bucks, you could either get nose bleed seats at a Chicago White Sox game or you, you can have luxury and convenience all in one.

Sonia Kashuk, who’s supplies, can be found at any nearby Target store, has placed a blush brush, two eye-shadow brushes and one lipstick brush in a cute, ready -to-go purse for us girly-girls. Kashuk, who is a breast cancer survivor, and Target teamed up to offer 15 percent of the purchase price to go to breast cancer research. The set isn’t to be used as your primary make-up tool set, but it’s great for when you’re out of town or you want to spruce up in the bathroom.

Sonia Kashuk Twist of Fate 6-piece brush set. (Retail price $19.99)

If four brush pieces aren’t enough for you, how about six? For $19.99, Kashuk combines what women want, with what we need. In the set, are six brushes, which include an eyebrow brush, a two blush brush and two eye-shadow brushes and another lipstick brush. All of these brushes are available, which comes in a black-metallic clutch. Not cute and stylish. AEOW!!!

Sonia Kashuk: How to look organically natural 01 (Retail price $17.99)

She just gets better and better. So after you’ve bought all your cheaper make up brushes, Sonia’s 10 piece set includes three eye-shadows, a mirror, step-by step application, three lip glosses a applicator and a brush. All of this lusciousness for only $17.99. All the eye-shadows are super natural, just like all you pretty ladies.

Sonia Kashuk Lip Palette (Retail price $10.99)

We women of color are known for our luscious lips, so why not accentuate them? and for cheap? For $10.99, you can have five different natural lip colors to last for days. Sonia Kashuk offers a nude, a deep plum, a delicate shade of pink, a chocolate and a sweet tangerine. Winter is the time for kissing, and don’t get caught out there with anything less than these luscious colors.

Life is expensive, and looking good can definitely take you out of your budget, but Sonia Kashuk is our kind of woman. She keeps us looking good for pennies, but her products make us appear as if we’ve spent millions. Sonia Kashuk’s products should not only be something you’re looking out for this winter, but should be something you’re looking out for always. It’s just that simple.

So ladies, what are your makeup must haves? Who are your favorite brands?  Have you had any experiences with Hayah, Tarte or Bare Escentuals Makeup?