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TGIN 5 Favorite Products for Smooth Edges

By March 26, 2012health + fitness

Natural or not, no woman anywhere, wants rough edges.

It’s just never a good look- ever in LIFE-to have rough edges. Your brows can be fresh, nails on point, but if your edges look like Brillo Pads, well then…(we’ll leave you to fill in the blank)

Don’t worry ladies, we here at Thank God I’m Natural will help you turn those rough patches (literaly) into smooth sailing. Peruse through our recommendations and I promise you, you’ll find one that works for your mane.

Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control

I’m not sure about you, but I could’ve swore this product was for women who had relaxed hair, guess I was wrong. The Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control is an excellent source for women who want to smooth out their edges. With its olive oil base, the product, adds shine and moisture to your tresses. A lot of naturals swear by this product. Yes, rocking our twist outs-or ‘fros is a part of what we do, we don’t always want the unkept edges that can come along with them at times. This product gives you the sleekness that we naturals seek, and for something to be under $10, you can’t be mad.

This pomade is kinda like the ‘Ol-G’ of smooth edges pomade. It’s been around for quite some time and the product definitely does what it’s suppose to do. The hair gel promoted shine and hair growth, while keeping your edges smooth and in place without flakes (that’s a big one). This product is great for natural women who have tapered hair cuts or just women who want a more sleeker look (nothing wrong with that). It isn’t sticky and rinses out easily, which is also plus because as we try to tell you ladies, it’s important to wash your hair once a week. This pomade is a good look for anyone who doesn’t have time for the fuss or the mess and who needs to slap on some gel to their sides and keep it movin’ which in essence, is all of us.

Eco Styler Gel

The Eco Styler Gel is another olive-oil based product. It helps promote shine, moisture and growth all the while keeping your edges in place. Naturals say when they pineapple their hair (place their hair in a ponytail directly on top of their head) they use the gel on the back of their neck to keep the kitchen clean. This gel also doesn’t flake and isn’t sticky.

Aveda Control Paste

The Aveda Control Paste is also a fan favorite. The first is because it isn’t a gel, and although the two gels that were mentioned here are EXCELLENT, some women just don’t like using gel. This paste alleviates that problem. Like the other products, it helps promote shine and moisture. Aveda is known for making great products and this is no exception. Naturals can use this to keep their edges in place, as well as their curls. It’s great for women who want to have their sides slick or who want their curls to be sexy and bouncy but not have any of the fly aways that often come with being a Curly Sue.

Shea Butter

This one is like a no-brainer, right? If you’re not into using all the products listed below, try using good old-fashioned Shea Butter. You can never go wrong with Shea Butter, ever! Apply a little of the butter to your damp hair and damp hands and then smooth out along the edges. After applying the desired amount, tie a scarf over your head before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, your edges will be sharper than a number two pencil. If you don’t have the luxury of sleeping just give yourself 30 minutes to an hour with a scarf over your head and you should be good. Shea Butter is thick enough to hold our thick, beautiful hair. So this is a win-win for everyone.

I hope we’ve helped you solve this edgy problem. Which one of these products do you think you’ll start using on your edges and why?

**** In addition to the information provided here, you can learn more about the various products and techniques to help keep your edges smoothby picking up a copy of my new book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair now available at Barnes & Noble,, and in the Thank God I’m Natural Store