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tgin Attends 2014 Dar Es Salaam Trade Show for Natural Hair

By July 26, 2014tgin + news

Last month, we had the honor and privilege of traveling to the Dar Es Salaam 38th International Trade Show in Tanzania from June 26 – July 4, 2014. During our time at the show, we had the opportunity to meet and network with ladies and men from Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, South Africa, and other parts of the continent.

We had a great deal of fun learning  Swahili while we were there, and taught our customers old and new about the importance of keeping their strands moisturized with water and tgin products.  Most customers were surprised to learn that they could achieve many of the soft, beautiful styles seen by their favorite YouTubers and bloggers from the United States with the right products and a little bit of patience. Unfortunately/fortunately, we sold out of everything we had, but we will definitely be back and bring more with us the next time we come.

africa1Official Badge for the Trade Show

In the mean time, we’re working on locating a distributor in the region. If you would like to see tgin products carried in Tanzania, we would request that you call S.H. Amon at +255 22 212 2511 or email the at and let them know you would love to have the Moist Collection carried in their stores.

A few photos and video clips from the show can be found below. Enjoy!

Next month, we’ll be heading to South Africa to Johannesburg and Cape Town.  And, there is a good chance we will be going to Cameroon and Sengal before the end of the year. If you have any friends or know of any natural in the region, please feel free to introduce us!  Finally, if you have any business connections or know of people in hair care, beauty, finance, media, or pr, please forward those contacts along as well. As always, you can reach us at

africa2CT with the founder of BANG Magazine



Long hot days on the trade show floor


Ladies, water is your natural hair’s best friend!


From Africa to Chicago, the tgin booth always stays pack

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