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Now Hiring: tgin Customer Service Representative

By December 13, 2013tgin + news


We are a start up manufacturer of natural hair and skin care products. We are looking for a smart, articulate individual to respond to customer service emails and voicemails. Strong background in customer service and superb written communication skills are a plus. This job is ideal for someone who has 2 other regular VA clients as things may pop up all day long, but its not a steady stream of work.

Job Description

– Respond to customer emails and voicemails throughout the day (am and pm), and on weekends (e.g. where is my package, something spilled in my package, I need my tracking number, what stores are you located in).

– Respond to customer Facebook and Instagram postings throughout the day (am and pm and weekends).

– Identify any major customer service issues/trends.

– Send daily summary email of issues requiring attention to Online Store Manager and management.

– Submit weekly CRM report to Shipping and Operations Team every Monday by 9 am CST

– Hours: 2-3 hours/day or 10-15 hours/week


Ideal Candidates:

– Self Starter

– Strong written communication skills

– Organized

– Meets deadlines

– Available all day or most of the day on gmail chat

Compensation: A flat fee or hourly pay TBD.

Although this position is virtual, we expect the candidate to respond to all inquiries receive the same day within 2-3 hours max,. All customer service issues should be resolved in less than 24 hours.

Interested applicants should send their resume, cover letter, payment requirements and three references to

Subject of email should be: tgin Customer Service Representative.