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TGIN Talks with Nicole Ari Parker About Keeping it Tight, What It’s Like Being Married to Boris, and her New Broadway Role

By May 15, 2012health + fitness

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely Nicole Ari Parker to talk about her workout schedule, her new campaign, and her new role in the multi-cultural production of a Street Car Named Desired, now open on Broadway.


tgin: We hear you are starring in a new all multi-cultural production of Street Car Named Desire on Broadway How did that come about?

Nicole: I was scheduled to have a meeting with director Emily Mann that was supposed to be a quick 40 minute lunch and it turned into a 3 hour amazing connection. I got a chance to express my passion about the play and the role of Blanche. 3 weeks later I got the call.


tgin: So, Blair Underwood is your co-star. How is it working with him on the set? What’s he like?

Nicole: Working with Blair is great. We are both making our debut on Broadway, along with Wood Harris. They are powerful actors giving their all on stage and I’m honored to make this journey with them.


tgin: Word on the street is that you have a new product out that helps black women to preserve their hair style while they are working out, called Save Your Do? How did you come up with the idea and where can we buy one?

Nicole:. The GymWrap can be purchased online at I came up with the idea after some friends and I were sitting around wanting to work out but none of us wanted to “mess up” our hair! I just sat down a few days later and thought of a solution. I then perfected the layers and tested it on real women. And now it’s ready to share with everyone.


tgin: Speaking of working out, what do you like to do for exercise?

Nicole: I like to train hard. Get really toned and fit..but then if life gets too busy and I totally flake out. I now open myself up to variety. I live now by the “do a little something” everyday. Yoga, weights, taking the stairs, intense cardio..mix it up and making a daily fun choice.


tgin: What are your five favorite songs to listen to for working out?

DMX : Get it on the floor

Mystikal:  Danger

Kelly Clarkson: Stronger

Beyonce: Girls run the world

PitBull: anything!

tgin: We know you’re super into eating healthy. What are you favorite healthy meals/foods?

Nicole: Favorite healthy foods are sautéed vegetables in very little olive oil sprinkled with herbs and lean turkey patties covered in garlic chopped tomato Sauce. I also love a good quick vanilla protein shake with 1/2 a banana.


tgin: Okay, what are your cheat meals/guilty pleasure foods that you can’t live with out?

Nicole: I love salty French Fries. All kinds: shoestring, sweet potato, crinkle cut

You name it.


tgin: We here at tgin were ecstatic to find out you were natural. What’s your current hair routine?

Nicole: I rinse my hair everyday in the shower and then use a combination of products to pop my curls into place!


tgin: What are your favorite hair care products to keep your style looking good?

Nicole: I love Hair Rules shampoo and conditioner!

I love Shea Moisture black soap products.

And I love Jane Carter mousse and pomade.


tgin: What is the Strive to Thrive campaign all about?

Nicole: The Strive to Thrive is a motivational campaign to help us make the best choices on a daily basis.


tgin: Tell us a little bit about Sophie’s Foundation?

Nicole: My husband and I started Sophie’s Voice foundation to raise awareness about children and adults living with Spina Bifida. We have made great strides in the last few years. Check out the website :


tgin: How are you able to juggle raising 2 kids with your thriving acting career?

Nicole:. Being here in NYC making my debut on Broadway (maybe include the spotlight link from NY times or the small Theater mania interview with both Boris and I) is a dream come true. The only way it has been possible is because my husband agreed to hold down the home front so I could be here. I am truly blessed to have his love and support. I miss them terribly. But we make it work. Skype, email, texts and quick visits help to keep us close. We also make sure Daddy comes to visit Mommy by himself sometimes…heehee.

tgin: Will you consider ever going back to doing TV work?


Nicole:. I would love to do tv again. I have 13 more weeks to get through first!


tgin: Finally, and I know you get this all the time. What’s it like being married to Boris? I’m sorry, but we had to asked.

Nicole:. Hmm what’s it like being married to Boris: well he’s gorgeous on the outside and on the inside. My children have an incredible father. He and I want to grow together as people and sometimes when we make that extra effort to actually show each other how much we care about each other, we truly fall in love all over again. And when we fight, we always make up. 😉