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TGIN Tips for Growing Your Natural Hair to its Fullest Potential

By October 22, 2012hair + beauty

I will be the first to admit it. I have been green with envy after spotting a natural with the hair I dream of.

You know the kind of naturals I’m talking about. The one with the ‘fro out to here, and the curls galore. Ugh! I get so jealous. I just wish that for one day, just ONE DAY I could have their hair.

But wait, I may not have her hair, but I can make my hair beautiful, yes?

Thank God I’m Natural is giving you ladies tips on what you need to do to reach your hair’s fullest potential. Pretty soon, you’ll start getting those good kind of dirty looks.

It Is What It Is

You need to start accepting that you might not have hair down to your back like R&B singer Melanie Fiona, or a bag of curls on your head like hair goddess Tracee Ellis Ross, and that’s okay. But what you can do is have your own beautiful hair. Once we stop comparing ourselves, that’s when we’ll flourish. And that goes for life as well.

It’s All In The Details

You would notice if a girl needed to get her eyebrows done, and that’s because you’re observant. Take that same detail-oriented approach to your hair in different climates, and different circumstances. Watch what it does, and not what you wish it did. Click here to read Natural Hair Basics: TGIN’s Do’s and Dont’s to Keep Your Curls Looking Fresh.

Get Schooled

If you’re a newbie in the natural hair game, of course someone who has been natural for five or 10 years would have more information. So, with that said, be able to listen and learn a thing or two. It could make the difference between your hair flourishing or not. You should also be sure to pick up a copy of my new book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Natural Hair, which Essence called “Your Natural Hair Bible”, now available at


We can’t stress this enough. You have to protect your crown and glory. At night, you MUST wear a silk scarf or bonnet on your head to protect it from snagging on your cotton pillows. When you’re curling your hair or using any kind of heat, you need a heat protectant serum. Protecting your hair isn’t something that can be negotiated. If you want your hair to be all it can be, this is something you have to do.


You already know how we feel about this. We can’t stress this enough. Your hair needs it. Some creative ways to get moisture is by using aloe vera, olive oil, good oil fashioned shea butter. For tips on keeping your hair soft and moisturized, be sure to read 7 Tips for Kicking Dry Hair to the Curb.

Be Easy

If your cleanser and your conditioner are top-notch and have the moisture your hair really needs, then your detangling process should be easy as pie. You should be able to detangle your hair with your fingers. However, in the event your conditioner or cleanser aren’t as awesome as they should be, be very delicate with your detangling process. No need taking out any hair because of it.

Snip Snip

Trim your ends regularly. When you do that, whether your hair is relaxed or not, your hair grows. You’ve got to get rid of the dead ends, or the dead weight as I like to call it, so your hair can truly blossom. For the 411 on trimming your ends hair, click here to read TGIN’s Tips for Trimming Natural Hair.

Low Maintainance

I know this must sound like a joke, caring for and maintaing your hair is anything but low maintainance. However, after you’ve completed your hair regimen, and your hair is styled, leave it be. Too much heat can lead to breakage. Too many products can lead to dirt build up and just in general too much of anything isn’t a good thing.

Maintain length, don’t worry about growth.

Everybody wants the long hair don’t care, and it’s totally understandable. It’s a goal for a lot of women. However, the true goal should be to maintain the length you have now. It’s great to have your hair grow, but you would feel really crummy if the length you had now suddenly ended up on your bathroom floor. A healthy consistent hair regimen, trimming, wearing a scarf and everything else that was suggested on this list. Your hair may not be down to your ankles, but it will be at its potential, which is the most important.

****In addition to the information provided here, you can learn more about how to maintain and care for your hair by picking up a copy of my new book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair now available at Barnes & Noble,, and in the Thank God I’m Natural Store.