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The Perfect Natural Hair Book for DIY Lovers

By December 22, 2012health + fitness

If you’re a naturalista who loves mixing up your own hair care products at home in the kitchen, Thank God I’m Natural is a perfect addition to your recipe stash. You will love the pages and pages of DIY recipes to give your curls the treatment they deserve. This book is especially great for people looking to turn to their pantry before their local beauty supply store to refill on products.

One of our favorite homemade hair remedies included in Thank God I’m Natural is this whipped shea butter pomade:


Whipped Shea Butter Pomade

  • 4 oz. of unrefined shea butter
  • ¼ cup of sweet almond oil
  • ⅛  cup of castor oil
  • 1 Vitamin E capsule
  • 5 drops of ylang ylang
  • 3 drops of vanilla


Melt shea butter over low heat using the double-boiler method. When the shea butter melts completely, stir in the sweet almond oil and castor oil and allow to cool. Once the mixture has a soft butter consistency, break open a Vitamin E capsule and squeeze its contents into the mixture. Beat on low with an electric mixer that is outfitted with whisks until the mix becomes fluffy and has the appearance of egg whites. Add in ylang-ylang and vanilla for fragrance. Pour into plastic container and let cool. This treatment has a nice thick and creamy consistency and smells good enough to eat.


Note, improper heating of shea butter can cause the butter to crystallize as it cools. To avoid this, shea butter should be heated to about 175 degrees and kept at that temperature for at least twenty minutes. This will allow the butter to melt completely and will prevent crystals from forming after the butter has cooled.