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Top No-Heat Natural Hair Styling Tools

By January 11, 2013hair + beauty

For naturals who keep their kinks curls and waves away from heat, these no-heat styling tools are great for achieving a range of curl patterns and even some straighter, “relaxed” or blown out looking styles. Even if you do use your flat iron or blow dryer from time to time or on the daily, you may want to consider giving your hair a rest with one of these no heat tools.



Curlformers can look complicated to apply to the hair, but after getting the hang of it, the process is very simple. The style also lasts! Curlformers come in a few different lengths and widths. They’re on the pricier side, but can be worth the investment if you use them often.

Flexi Rods

Flexi Rods are usually cheaper than curlformers and can be purchased in any beauty supply store. The results are very similar to the kind of curls achieved with curlformers. Compared to curlformers, however, getting these to stay secured in the hair can be tricky.

Traditional Rollers

If you’re having a lazy weekend and plan on staying in, you can leave the rollers in to air dry instead of setting with heat.

Pillow Curlers

Pillow curlers are great for over-night styling because their foaminess makes them more comfortable than most curling tools for sleeping. The satin ones are nice also because they help reduce frizz when it’s time to take them out. Results turn out similarly to a regular roll and set.


African hair threading is a technique where strands of hair are wrapped with thread. This can be worn as a style or can be used as a method to stretch the hair when the thread is taken out. If you want a blow out look using no heat, threading is the way to go. If worn as a style, it’s best to use weaving thread. If you’re only concerned with stretching the hair and are not wearing it as a style, then you can even use yarn or anything you already have. Stretching the hair with rubber hair bands can also work.