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Transitional Styles For All Hair Lengths

By July 26, 2012hair + beauty

Going from relaxed to natural hair is kind of like going from a black-and-white television to color. It’s a totally different ball game. It can take some time getting used to, but worth while.

While you’re transitioning, you’ll realize that you have two different hair textures. You have your relaxed hair, which should be slowly, but steadily growing out, and your new natural hair.

But during that time, you still want to look fly, right? We so don’t condone looking like who did what to who. Here is a quick list of transitional hair style that will keep you on track without looking a hot mess.

The Bantu Knot Out

The Bushy Twist-N-Curl

Sew in Weave/Two Strand Twist No Extensions


Just take anyone of these styles to your stylist, and he or she will have a field day. Remember, being natual does not mean we can’t be fly.

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