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Transitioning Natural Hair: Hiding Two Textures

By October 30, 2012hair + beauty

It’s perfectly normal to have multiple textures of hair growing out of your head, especially if you are transitioning. Caring for multi-textured hair can be difficult when trying to achieve a uniformly textured look and when trying to avoid breakage. Here are a few different care tips and some styling advice for working with transitioning or two-textured hair.


Hair care

Having multiple textures can leave your hair more susceptible to breakage. Be extra careful with detangling and be sure to use a wide tooth comb to remove major knots before using a smaller toothed comb. You might want to consider avoiding brushes entirely, because usually the more bristles, the more breakage and shedding.


Product choices

Make sure you are using products that are a good fit for both textures. If you’ve got both coils and waves, experiment with products that will both enhance waves and elongate curls. If one texture is more dry than the other, make sure you pay it special attention when it comes to moisturizing.


Styling choices

There are a ton of manipulative styles you can use to achieve a uniform texture. You can resort to simpler updos and buns, blow outs, manipulative twisting, braiding and bantu knots, or use manipulative styling tools like curlformers and curl rods. Check out some great uniform textured looks below that can be achieved using a variety of these methods:


Bantu Knot Out

Blow Out

Updos / Buns

Curl Rod set