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Tyler Perry in Negotiations to Get His Own Cable Channel

By September 22, 2011tgin + news

This Tyler Perry is no joke!

According to the New York Times, the writer,actor, director and producer is in talks with Lionsgate movie studio to turn his movies and television shows into a full-fledged cable network, like his big sister O.

Nothing is set in stone, but according to reports, Tyler TV, as it will be called, will be a complete re-branding of all or part of the TV guide network. Or, buying a small cable channel.

Either way, this is HUGE! Tyler Perry went from being homeless and living in his car, to potentially having his own cable channel. Say what you want about his films, or Perry himself. They’re aren’t too many people who can say I’ve got my OWN network.

(Y’all like that OWN I just dropped?)