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Unique Engagement Rings that won’t Break Your Wallet

By February 5, 2014life + style, tgin + news

Is it just us or did practically every couple you know get engaged over the holidays?

Thinking about engagements + wedding planning can be stressful for some…especially when it comes to trying to fund it all. So we’re focusing on the fun of it. We searched high and low for this list of gorgeous engagement rings that won’t break your bank accounts. We love these rings because they really are as unique as the individual who will wear it. And…they’re not going to cost a year’s salary!

Lasso Ring by Aurelie Bidermann

Gold Ring by ABC Carpet + Home

Diana Ring by Pamela Love

Rose Gold and Diamond Crescent Ring by Anna Sheffield

Petite Diamond and Sapphire Petal Filigree Ring by Erica Weiner 

Sunstone and Black Diamond Crescent Ring by Mociun

Bessie Ring by Bhldn

J. Lingnau Nick Ring by Catbird

Mini Signet Monogram Ring by Charm & Chain

Mabel Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring Circa 1950 by Turtle Love Co.

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