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Welcome Aboard the Natural Train Express, Raven Symone!

By March 10, 2011health + fitness

I mean, I can list all the accomplishments for you, just in case you forgot.

The Cosby Show.

That’s So Raven.

College Road Trip.

Dr. Dolittle 1 and 2

Countless studio albums.



And a business sense out this world.

Twenty-five year old Raven-Symone has captivated our hearts from the very beginning. She had us at hello, as an adorable little girl on The Cosby Show and from there has blossomed into a woman, all her own.  However, she’s also had a secret.

Underneath the braids, ponytails and lace fronts (all of which were fabulous F.Y.I), Ms. Symone has been one of us, ladies. The diva has been a natural for quite some time.  So, if you’ve been a part of our movement, why not tell the world, Raven? I mean, what gives?

Raven, whose personal net worth is estimated to be near a billion dollars, revealed that she went natural because her hairline was ate up from wearing so many wigs, weaves and extensions. In an effort to give her tressses a break, the starlet is opting to wear more natural styles when she’s off came.

Click here to check out the interview with Raven talking about her natural hair journey with our friends over at CurlyNikki.

Ladies, what do you think of her new look? Isn’t it refreshing to see a black woman in Hollywood rocking her own hair?

Raven Through the Years