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What’s on Your Vision Board?

By October 26, 2012life + style

I love making todo lists. I have short todo lists and long todo lists. There literally everywhere — on the back of Whole Foods receipts, in my planner, on a post it on the side of my monitor, and crumbled up and drenched in tea in a Starbucks paper cup sitting on the corner of my desk. I’ve made todo lists for as long as I remember to help me keep track of my goals both big and small, but recently someone suggested that instead of having my goals strewn all over the place, that I should create a vision board for myself and post them in a place where I can see them on a daily basis. I’ve heard of this thing called a vision board, but I’ve never actually tested it out myself, but I’m thinking about giving it a shot especially since I have this little dream of turning Thank God I’m Natural into a major lifestyle brand for black households (think naturaltoothpaste, deodorant, etc.)

The owner of Textures by Nefertiti Hair Salon in Detroit sent me a newsletter with the benefits for creating a vision board and I just thought I would share them with you, as part of Taking Care of You Tuesdays at Thank God I’m Natural:

1. A vision board makes your goals visible. It’s nearly impossible to achieve a goal unless it’s clearly thought out.

2. A vision board keeps your goals in front of your eyes. In our world of information overload, it’s difficult enough to remember what you had for dinner last night let alone remember a goal that you set for yourself six months ago.

3. A vision board allows you to choose your goals. As much as we’d like to think that we’re super human and can achieve everything that we set our minds to, eventually we have to realize that it’s impossible to be perfect at everything. Therefore a vision helps you focus on realistic and achievable goals.

4. A vision board reminds you of what you’re working for. Are you trying to buy a house? Be a better friend?Retire at fifty? Or do you have a goal, some reason for all the work you do? If you don’t have a goal, you’re just running from one task to the next. But with a vision board, you remember what you’re working toward.

5. A vision board acts as a carrot on a stick for you. Success in anything takes action. Vision boards provide the motivation necessary to keep you working toward your goals.

6. Your vision board keeps you in a positive mood. If you’re a person who really wants to see the glass half-full, but often doesn’t – turn to your vision board.

7. A vision board allows you to create a purpose in life. If you don’t choose your purpose in life, one will be chosen for you.

So whether you wanted to learn a new language, take a long overdue vacation, or maybe you’d like to lose ten pounds, now is the time for action. A fun and creative activity that you can do to help you reach your goals is to create a vision board. Spring is the season of renewal; therefore it’s the perfect time to begina new endeavor.

So ladies what are your goals and how do you keep track of them? Have you ever tried creating a vision board, and if so did it work?