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You Deserve A Pizza

By June 27, 2012health + fitness

Some evenings all you want is the satisfaction of holding a slice of pizza in your hands while you watch your favorite show after work.

Instead of letting your brain give-in to dialing up the pizza shop down the street as a last minute resort, knowing the guilt will come later, try this healthy swap:

Pizza ingredients:

• 2 pitas (ideally sprouted or gluten free)
• 4 Tbsp of tomato sauce/or 2tbsp pesto sauce
• Handful of spinach
• 4 florets of broccoli (crumbled)
• 4 onion slices (optional)
• 4 mushrooms thinly sliced
• 1 small tomato sliced
• Basil leaves (however much you like)
• minced garlic & olive oil (optional)

Spread sauce onto pitas. Sprinkle all chopped vegetables on top of the sauce. Don’t be afraid to build a small hill of veggies on that pita (the more veggies, the more full you’ll feel–and energized!) Throw on a clove of minced garlic and drizzle the olive oil. After placing pan in oven, cook in conventional oven for 5-7 minutes.

small addition: If you are having a difficult time giving up the cheese, consider sprinkling some nutritional yeast over the top of your pizza before the oven. This adds a healthy, magical resembling cheese flavor for those fanatics.

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